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The Challenges To Mobile App Development Strategy

Identifying the Context in App

To identify the context, you must know a number of things. First of all, you must have the location of the user. The location helps identify the environmental conditions and altitude. You need to know the history and personal preferences of your customer. The emotion and feelings of the customer let you know the attitude of the person. Data obtained for these fields can be used to define the contextual experience of the user. The data can be obtained automatically from the device the customer is carrying as well as from other sources. The combined data helps identify environmental locations, speed and other things the user is experiencing. The geo-fencing helps know many other types of data. For example, if someone is nearing an airport gate then the geo-fencing data can be connected to the late coming of the airplane. It helps generate situational information that proves helpful for the device user. Historical and contextual preferences can be used to display information according to the requirements of the user.

Multiple Devices

There has been an increase in the type of digital devices available in the market. There are a number of screen sizes in use. It is a big challenge for developers to develop apps that can be viewed on all types of screen sizes so that the users receive optimum value. An iphone app development process is not simply making the app and submitting it to the app stores. The app must be checked on different devices with different screen sizes. It is going to be more problematic in the future as new devices with new screen sizes are introduced regularly. From the small 5-inch smartphones to 7-inch tablets and phablets, devices are now available in many sizes. In addition to this problem, developers also have to deal with various operating system software programs. Some people want their app to run on multiple operating system software. In the mobile field, iOS and Android are the most popular operating systems but new entrants like Windows and Tizen are also gaining ground.

Increasing Competition

There is fierce competition in the field of mobile app market. It is going to become worse as more and more players from all over the world develop their own apps. It will increase marketing and advertising expense of companies. Startups are going to find it difficult to enter the app market because they will have to spend highly on advertising and marketing.

Obtaining Loyal Users

The cost of acquiring loyal users is going to increase in future. A strong consumer base is necessary to succeed in the field of mobile apps. A loyal user is someone who opens the app at least three times a day. Such a user helps increase revenue of the app owning company. An effective and user-friendly app helps enter new markets and develop new revenue streams.

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